Comstock Telcom

Specializing in central office and transmission equipment

"Your Simple Solution"

Founded by ex Lynch Communications Systems Technicians Comstock Telcom has provided quality products to the Telecom and Data Industry since 1987. We buy and sell most major manufacturers products such as Anaconda, Alcatel/Lucent, ADC, Tyco, Fujitsu, Ciena, Cisco, Marconi, Emerson, Lynch, Telect, Westell and Adtran. Comstock Telcom has over 37 years experience as a provider of brand new, reuse and refurbished telecommunication products. Among the breadth of products and services offered are central office switching technologies, broadband and transmission equipment, power systems, complete wireline, optical and wireless systems, asset recovery and de-installation of equipment. Comstock Telcom is "Your Simple Solution".

Special Offers

Our 11990 239 HTC Type Universal Test Access Card Repeater CLEI 9937341. The Comstock Telcom Universal Test Card installs into any slot of a standard T1 239 repeater enclosure and provides a method of testing both the Central Office (CO) and field-side circuits (transmit and receive pairs). The width of the Test Card allows it to fit into any T1 239 enclosure without interfering with plugs above or below it.

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Test & Repair

We offer test and repair service for most C.O. and transmission plug-ins. We insure that equipment performs to O.E.M. specifications. Comstock Telcom provides a six (6) month warranty on all repair orders.

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