The Cisco ONS 15454 SONET and Cisco ONS 15454 SDH multiservice provisioning platforms are industry leaders with more than 1000 customers and 40,000 systems deployed worldwide. The Cisco ONS 15454 provides the functions of many traditional SONET and SDH network elements in a single platform, combining advanced SONET/SDH transport through OC-192/STM-64, integrated dense wavelength-division multiplexing optical networking, and multiservice interfaces. Part of the Cisco Complete Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport product line, the Cisco ONS 15454 combines the capacity of advanced optical transport with the intelligence of IP to cost effectively deliver voice and data services.

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PartNo HECI Description Mfg Price & Availability
15327-E10/100T-415327-E10/100 ETHERNET 4-PORTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
1545415454Cisco ONS 15454CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-AIC15454-AALARM INTERFACE CNTRLCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-AMP-WW-3015454-ACABLE AMP WW 30 FTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-BLANK15454-BBLANK FILLERCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-BP-COVER-B15454-BBACK COVER, B SIDECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS1-1415454-DDS1 CARD, DSX, 14 CKTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS1N-1415454-DDS1 CARD, 1:N, DSX, 14 CKTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS3-1215454-DDS3 DSX12 MODULECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS3-12E15454-DDS3 DSX12 MOD ENH PMCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS3N-1215454-DDS3 1:N DSX12 MODULECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS3N-12E15454-DDS3 1:N ENH PM 12 CKTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-DS3XM-6=15454-DDS3 DSX TRANSMUX 6 CKTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-E100T15454-E12 pt Ethernet10/100CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-E100T-1215454-E12 PORT XC/XC-VT ETHRCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-1BNCA4815454-EHD Elect I/F 48BNC,ACiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-1BNCB2415454-EELECT. I/F SA-HD COMPATIBLECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-AMP-A8415454-EBACKPLANECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-AMP-B8415454-EELECT I/F 84 AMP B SIDECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIAAMP-B8415454-EDS1 BackplaneCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-BNC-A2415454-EBNC BACKPLANE ASSYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIABNC-A2415454-EELECTRICAL INTERFACECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-BNC-A4815454-EB PLANE 48 BNC A SIDECiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-BNC-B2415454-EPANEL ONS 154CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-BNC-B4815454-EELECT. I/F 48BNC BsideCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-SMB-A8415454-EELECT I/F 84SMB A sideCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-EIA-SMB-B8415454-EELECT I/F 84SMB B sideCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-FTA15454-FFan TrayCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-FTA215454-FFAN TRAY ASSEMBLYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-FTA3-T15454-FFAN TRAY ASSY (XC10G)CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-G1K-415454-GMODULE ONS 15454CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-GBIC-LX15454-GMODULE ONS 15454CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-GBIC-SX15454-GMODULE ONS 15454CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-ML1000-215454-MGIGABIT ENET 2 CKT SFPCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-MRC-2.5G415454-MOC3/12/48 2.5G MAX 4PORTS IOFCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC121LR155015454-OOC12 card LR 1550nm 1 CKTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC12IR131015454-OOC 12 CARDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC12LR131015454-OOC12 LONG REACH CARDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC34IR131015454-OOC3 OPTICAL CARDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC48IR131015454-OOC-48 Optical CardCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC48IR1310A15454-OOC48 IR 1310 1 Ckt Any SloCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC48LR155015454-OOPTICAL CARDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-OC48LR1550A15454-OOC48 LR 1550 1 Ckt. Any SlCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-RCA15454-RREAR COVER ASSYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-SA-ANSI15454-SSHELF ASSY NEBS3 ANSICiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-SA-HD15454-SSHELF ASSEMBLYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-SANEBS315454-SShelfCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-SA-NEBS-3E15454-SSHELF ASSYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-TCC15454-TTMG COMM CONTROLCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-TCC215454-TTIMING COMM CONTROLCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-TCC2P-K915454-TTCC Version 2 PlusCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-WW-1415454-WDS1 ELEC IF SMB-WWCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-XC15454-XXCONN 576 STSCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-XC-10G15454-XXCONN 1152 STS - 672 VTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-XCVT15454-XCROSS-CONNECT STS / VTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
2501CNMRCK0UNITCiscoCall or Online RFQ
2516142516-142500 Series RouterCiscoCall or Online RFQ
30-0759-01CNI9Z83SGL PRT ETHERNET GBCiscoCall or Online RFQ
34-0687-01CNP1K60C7200 DL AC PWR SUPCiscoCall or Online RFQ
34-0870-01CNUQAAHWS-C5509 PWR SUP ACCiscoCall or Online RFQ
47-13727-0147-1372PIX 506ECiscoCall or Online RFQ
47-3158-0147-3158PIX FIREWALL/LOCALCiscoCall or Online RFQ
47-41827-0147-4182PIX 520 FIREWAKK SERIECiscoCall or Online RFQ
6160-1-PEM-DC6160-1-48V DC PWR ENTTY MODLECiscoCall or Online RFQ
6160CHAS-W/IO-26160CHADS3/2DS3+OC3+8XT1 IMACiscoCall or Online RFQ
68-0194-03BAC2X90LIGHTSTREAM CARR MODCiscoCall or Online RFQ
68-1065-03CNM91N0VPN3005 CONC ETHRNTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
7206VXR3007206VXRSHELFCiscoCall or Online RFQ
72-3383-01 REV A172-3383CABLE DB9 TO RJ45CiscoCall or Online RFQ
72-3663-01 REV BO72-3663CABLE DB25 TO RJ45CiscoCall or Online RFQ
73-1126-0473-1126FAST SERIAL INT 8 PORTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
73-2217-0573-2217AS5300 QUAD T1/PRICiscoCall or Online RFQ
73-2865-03CNI9AA0AS5300 VOC/FAX CARR CDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
73-5262-01WMI2EE0454 AUX INTFC PROTN CDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-02691-02CNI6SV27000 PORT ADAPTERCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-02692-02CN2IZF2C7000 PORT ADAPTERCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-03490-02CNI9CJFNET MOD FAST ETHERNETCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-03855-01*CNFBM30=431956 CNM4EP0ARA OTHCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-03883-01CNI9UKRAS5300 OCTAL T1/PRI CDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-04150-01CNMYADSWS-C5509 FAN TRAYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-04588-01800-045FAN ASSY FOR LS1010CiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-05706-01CNMRNK0CISCO 2500 ROUTER DCCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-05788-01CNM4EP0CROSSBOW BRG 25 PTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-06756-04SNMK6D0454 84 SMB CONNRCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-06763-02SN97S6AOC-48 INTFC CD 1 PTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-07145-01WMMYAAY454 SHLF FAN TRAY ASBYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-09233-02CNM9A00C2950 24 PT ETHRNT SWCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-09237-05CNM9A40WS-C2950C-24CiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-17764-01SOC2AA0ONS15454 ALM INTFC CDCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-19674-02CNMG1T0C2950 12 PT ETHRNT SWCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-19858-01WMMYACJ454 SHLF FAN TRAYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-20047-01CNM6XY0CISCO2611 ROUTER 2 PTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-21448-01WMMYAE8454 SHLF FAN TRAYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-21448-03WMMYAGKONS FAN-TRAY ASSYCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-23890-01WMMM70015454 NEBS3 10G CHASSCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-24766-09WMUCA4T15454-TCCP K9CiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-24935-01WMMHE10EIA ELECTRICIAL PNLCiscoCall or Online RFQ
800-25263-03CNMYAGRC6509-G-FANCiscoCall or Online RFQ

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