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PartNo HECI Description Mfg Price & Availability
04-0000304-0000ADIT 3104-8 ANALOG ADACarrierAccessCall or Online RFQ
04-0000804-0000ADIT 3104-24 ANALOG ADCarrierAccessCall or Online RFQ
1200480E11200480NETVANTA 1000BASESX LC SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200481E11200481NETVANTA 1000BASELX LC SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200482G112004822.5 GBPS MULTIMODE SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200483G112004832.5 GBPS SINGLEMODE SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200484G11200484SFP INTERCONNECT CABLE, V 1MAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200484G31200484SFP INTERCONNECT CABLE, V 3MAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200485G112004851000BASE-T SFP MODULE 100MAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200505L11200505NETVANTA 23" RACKMOUNT BRACKETAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200584L11200584NETVANTA 1224ST PoEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200590E1IPMJ800NETVANTA 1224STR DCAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200740E11200740NETVANTA 6355 POEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200821E11200821NETVANTA 3448AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200823G11200823NETVANTA 3450AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200824G11200824NETVANTA 3458AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200832L1DDC3SR0T3 WIDE MODULEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200840G1#1201200840NV 5305 AC PWR SUPPLY, 120VAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200841G11200841NV5305 DC PWR SUPPLYAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200841L11200841NV5305 DC POWER SUPPLYAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200861L1DDIFY7WNETVANTA RTR 56K/64K NTWRK INTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200862L2#NEBS1200862NEBS T1 NIMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200864L11200864NETVANTA ROUTER V.90 DBU MDLAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200865L1DDS5377NETVANTA 3200 ISDN BRI DBU MDLAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200866E11200866NETVANTA ROUTER SERIALAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200877L11200877NETVANTA DIM CARRIER CARDAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200882L11200882HSSI CABLEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200927L11200927TA 912/16/24 L1 BATT BRKTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200927L181200927TA 904/908 19" RM BRKTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200927L191200927TA 900 19" RM BRKTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200927L21200927TA 912/16/24 L2 BATT BRKTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200927L231200927TA 900 23" RM BRKTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200927L31200927TA900/900E WALLMOUNT BRCKT KITAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200950L1DDC3RUBNETVANTA 4305 DCAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200992G11200992NV5305 RACKMOUNT BRACKET KITAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202820G11202820NETVANTA 3430, 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202843E11202843OCTAL T1/E1, 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202862L11202862NETVANTA T1 NIM, GEN 2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202863L1DDUIAABT1+DSX-1 NIM, GEN 2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202869E11202869NETVANTA ADSL NIM ANNEX AAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202872L11202872NETVANTA DUAL T1 NIM, 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202880E11202880NETVANTA 3305 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202890E11202890NETVANTA 4305 CHASSIS, 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1203860G11203860NETVANTA 3200,3RD GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1203870G11203870NETVANTA 3205,3RD GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1203980G11203980NETVANTA 3205 DC,3RD GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
15327-E10/100T-415327-E10/100 ETHERNET 4-PORTCiscoCall or Online RFQ
168-3180-950168-318CN 3180 MULTISERVICE NTECienaCall or Online RFQ
1700100G11700100NETVANTA 6310 PRIAdtranCall or Online RFQ


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