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Comstock Telcom specializes in central office and transmission equipment, provider of new, reused and refurbished telecommunication products.

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PartNo HECI Description Mfg Price & Availability
04-0000304-0000ADIT 3104-8 ANALOG ADACarrierAccessCall or Online RFQ
04-0000804-0000ADIT 3104-24 ANALOG ADCarrierAccessCall or Online RFQ
1200690E11200690NETVANTA QUAD FXS VIM ROHSAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200695L1PXIUHJ0NETVANTA T1/PRI VIMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200740E11200740NETVANTA 6355 POEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200742G11200742IP 321AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200743G11200743IP 331AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200744G11200744IP 450AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200745G11200745IP 560AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200746G11200746IP 670AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200747G11200747IP 670 EXPANSION MODULEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200748G11200748IP 650 EXPANSION MODULEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200749G11200749IP 6000AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200752G11200752IP 335AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200753G11200753IP 5000AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200758E11200758IP 650AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200758G11200758IP 550AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200759E11200759ADP-40 SURFACE MOUNT BOXAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200759G11200759IP 7000AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200761L11200761ADP-40 ANALOG DOOR PHONEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200762L11200762IP501/601WALL MOUNT BRACKET KIAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200767L11200767IP 501 AC ADAPTER 5-PACKAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200769E1#B1200769IP 706 BLKAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200769E1#BIN1200769IP 706 BLK INAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200770E1#B1200770IP 712 BLKAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200770E1#BIN1200770IP 712 BLK INAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200779L11200779IP 601 EMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200796E11200796NETVANTA 7100 ROHSAdtranCall or Online RFQ
12007XXSPRG112007XXIP 7XX ACCESSORYAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200808E1#B1200808IP 7xx WALLMOUNT BLK US & INAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200809E11200809SINGLE PORT POE PSAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202691G11202691NETVANTA 2 GEN QUAD FXO VIMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202692G11202692NTVANTA 2 GEN DUAL FXS/FXO VIMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700100G11700100NETVANTA 6310 PRIAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700101G117001012W/4W SHDSL NIM2 - ANNEX AAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700101G217001012W/4W SHDSL NIM2 - ANNEX BAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700102G11700102QUAD FXS NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700103G11700103QUAD SHDSL EFM NIM 2 - ANNEX AAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700105G11700105QUAD FXO NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700106G11700106QUAD T1/E1 EFM NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700107G11700107NETVANTA ETHERNET NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700108G11700108OCTAL FXS NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700109G11700109OCTAL FXO NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700111G11700111QUAD FXS/FXO NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700112G11700112QUAD BRI S/T NIM2AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700114G11700114ADSL2+ NIM2, ANNEX AAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700144G11700144NETVANTA 644, 4 T1/E1 GATEWAYAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700706G11700706NETVANTA 7060AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1950101BSG11950101NVUC BCS BNDL 100 LICAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1950101BSG1#DR1950101NVUC BCS BNDL 100 LIC DRAdtranCall or Online RFQ


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