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Comstock Telcom specializes in central office and transmission equipment, provider of new, reused and refurbished telecommunication products.

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PartNo HECI Description Mfg Price & Availability
048P041-001DDDSSD4500C/UXR DSUGeneral DatacommCall or Online RFQ
048P062-001DDSUAPL500F/AXR DSU - RK MTGeneral DatacommCall or Online RFQ
058M139-701DSSUDGV553SD IFP FT1 DSU R/MGeneral DatacommCall or Online RFQ
1100025L1D4D1AAANX56/64 DSU DA PORTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1175025L1SILCEGGTA 750 56/64 DSU DP UNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1175025L11175025N X 56/64 DSU-DPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200022L2NCTD470T-1 CSU ACEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200025L1NCTD48PT1 ESF CSU ACEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200052L3DDS3VRDT1 DSU/CSU STD-ALNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200062L1DDS1KK056/64 DSUAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200078L1DDS1JK0DSU 5600AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200129L1DDS1LW6T1 DSU/CSU STD-ALNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200217L4DDS4K99T3SU 300 DC DSU/CSUAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200218L1DDC2RM0T3 DSU HSSI CARDAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200270L11200270DSU III AR DCAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200270L1DSUIIIADSU III AR DSU/CSUAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202011L1DDSUJ60DSU III AL-RTE DSU/CSUAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202022L1NCT1UY3T-1 CSU ACEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202037L4DDS2KGXDSU III DDS W/ISDN UNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202052L1DDS3VRKT1 DSU/CSU STD-ALNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202052L2DDS3VR2T1 DSU/CSU STD-ALNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202066L1NCTD2TYT1 ESF CSU RM 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202076L1#DCDDS3WSWDSU/CSU 6-PR T1 MXRAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202076L2DDS3WSXDSU/CSU 6-PR T1 MXRAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202077L1DDS3MXJDSU/CSU FRACL W/V.35AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202129L2DDS3XR1T1 DSU/CSU STD-ALNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202156L2DDM128MTDU 120AC RKMT DSC/CSUAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1203022L1NCT1UY7T1 CSU ACE,3RD GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1203022L1#GOV1203022T1 CSU ACEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1204011L1DDS3PKCDSU IV ESPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1204025L1NCT1CD9ESF T1 CSU,4TH GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1204025L2NCT1ZDUESF T1 CSU,24V,4TH GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
120A2120A2CSU MDL CMCOD406606536LucentCall or Online RFQ
325-I2-L1D4DA916DSU ALL-RTE DSU-DAPRConklinCall or Online RFQ
3611-B4-001DDS4P23NEST DSU DATA SRV UNParadyne / ZhoneCall or Online RFQ
4200076L14200076TSU 600/T1 DSUAdtranCall or Online RFQ
4204011L14204011DSU IV ESP W/ETHERAdtranCall or Online RFQ
72554003NCC5W1RDATASMART T1 DSU/CSUKentroxCall or Online RFQ
72656003NCC5WYPDATASMART T1 DSU/CSUKentroxCall or Online RFQ
72658001NCC5UZ1DATASMART T1 DSU/CSUKentroxCall or Online RFQ
72698001CNNAAB0DATASMART DSU/CSU T1KentroxCall or Online RFQ
77111-L277111-LT-SMART CSUKentroxCall or Online RFQ
77115L-1DSSUB30T-SERVII CSUKentroxCall or Online RFQ
77120353NCC5Z82T-SMART T1 INTLGNT CSUKentroxCall or Online RFQ
77965023NCCSDHTT-SERVII CSU STD ALONEKentroxCall or Online RFQ
78210003DDC1B8KD-SERV DSU/CSU W/V.35KentroxCall or Online RFQ
A90-090200NCCSW22902 2W CSUWestellCall or Online RFQ
J98726DN-1 1D4DPH20D4 DSU II DAPR UNLucentCall or Online RFQ
M3521-20-REV-ADEC3MUGACCESS35 2PR CSU/DSUTelco-SystemsCall or Online RFQ
WIC-1DSU-T1WIC-1DSDSU T1 CARDCiscoCall or Online RFQ

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