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Current voicemail systems typically only allow sequential access to voicemails. XOP Networks' enhanced Voicemail application allows the voicemail to be accessed in random order. The Voicemail application displays all stored voicemails on a Web portal. The Web portal can be accessed via a PC or via a number of PDAs including Blackberry and iPhone. By a simple click, a user can hear the stored message played through the built in media player.

  • From 100 to 10,000 Voicemail boxes in one chassis
  • From 1000 hours to 10,000 hours of storage per chassis
  • Front ended by 'One Number Service' - based on Time of Day or Day of Week specify best number to reach before going to mailbox
  • Support for TDM and VoIP/SIP trunks
  • SMDI, SIP NOTIFY and MF T1 Auto Dial back based Message Waiting Indication
  • Subscriber Web portal for accessing Voicemails, recording greetings etc.
  • Access Voicemail portal via popular PDAs
  • Bulk uploading of voicemail subscribers using CSV files
  • See voicemail activity in real time on a Web portal
  • Voicemail usage reporting


PDA accessible Voicemail portal

Login to a web portal through PDA based browser, and then click and listen to voicemails in random order.

No need to listen to 15 messages before getting to the 16th. Pull voicemails over data bandwidth without burning cellular minutes.

Sub Mail boxes with auto attendant

Up to 9 sub mail boxes per subscriber. Different PIN with different greeting for each sub box

Each family member/company employee can have his/her own voicemail box associated with main mailbox

Voicemail to email forwarding

Automatic .wav file sent to email

Save and play voicemail messages on your PC.

Voicemail Central capability

Forward office, home, other telephone on busy/no answer to a common voicemail box.

Common voicemail box across subscriber's multiple phone lines - no need to hear individual mail boxes or answering machines

Multiple Message Waiting Indicator types

Support traditional SMDI based MWI and MWI using SIP and MWI using dial back.

Helps with migration of voicemail resources from TDM to IP environment.

Flexible Voicemail IVR

Can change IVR choices by re-recording .wav files

Emulate legacy voicemail systems.

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