Comstock Telcom specializes in central office and transmission equipment, provider of new, reused and refurbished telecommunication products.

This is only a partial listing of available products. Use SEARCH below for parts not listed here or call for assistance.

PartNo HECI Description Mfg Price & Availability
0110-0269-1BSBUIAE5ES 10/100 ETHERNET CDAFC - TellabsCall or Online RFQ
0120-0157-1CSBUIAEWGBE221 2 PORT SXTellabsCall or Online RFQ
0120-0162SBUIAEPGbE222 Uplink/Transport CardTellabsCall or Online RFQ
0410-04470410-04SX SFP 1000BASE-SX 850nmTellabsCall or Online RFQ
0410-04480410-04LX SFP 1000BASE-LX 1310nmTellabsCall or Online RFQ
0410-04670410-04ZX SFP 1000BASE-ZX 1550nmTellabsCall or Online RFQ
060-000223060-00024Vdc 20W power supplyWestellCall or Online RFQ
060-000224060-000-48Vdc 120W power supplyWestellCall or Online RFQ
0700-0287-001NCD2CY0PIPE 85 ETH HUB 4PRTLucentCall or Online RFQ
100-00054 REV-10SOI3M2VC7 10/100BASET ETHRNTCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-00055 REV-10SOI324XC7 GIGABIT ETHRNT CDCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-00215100-002C7 ETH INTFC ADAPTERCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-00250 REV 10SN4PR30C7 IP RESOURCE CDCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-00250 REV 11SN4PR30C7 IP RESOURCE CDCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-00926 REV 11SOUIAUBC7 GE-2P FE-4P ETH INTFCCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-01662-GT100-0161000BASE-LX 1310NM SFPVarious Manf.Call or Online RFQ
100-01827 REV-10SOUIBM2C7 ETHERNET GATEWAYCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-01827 REV-11SOUIBM2C7 ETHERNET GATEWAYCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
100-03206100-032B6-318 48 Port GigE SFP/CSFPCalix Networks, Inc.Call or Online RFQ
1000BASETX1000BASCARDMetaSwitch NetworksCall or Online RFQ
10139030011013903FW9410 RK or WM BKTFujitsuCall or Online RFQ
1051701051701310NM TX 1G SFPOccam NetworksCall or Online RFQ
105172105172SFP 1310NM TX 1GOccam NetworksCall or Online RFQ
10G-SFPP-ER-GT10G-SFP10GBase-ER SFP+Various Manf.Call or Online RFQ
10G-SFPP-LR-GT10G-SFP10GBase-LR SFP+Various Manf.Call or Online RFQ
10G-SFPP-SR-GT10G-SFP10GBase-SR SFP+ 850NMVarious Manf.Call or Online RFQ
10G-XFP-ERGT10G-XFP10 GbE XFPVarious Manf.Call or Online RFQ
11506800001150680IPMUX-16/AC/RRAD Data CommunicationsCall or Online RFQ
1172805G1BVM8W10NetVanta 8044 AC NTEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1172834G1VAMV100NETVANTA 834TAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1172850G11172850NetVanta 850AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1174801G1BVM7R10NetVanta 8044M Fiber NTEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1174819G1BVM9L00NV8044M 8P T1/E1 PWAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1179641AL3VAMGF10TA1248 GigE IP DSLAMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1179732G1VAMLF00TA1148V Host ANSIAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1179760AL3COM8P10TA1100F W/MODEM LOC ACAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1184510L1SOC260R10/100 ETHERNET MODULEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1187020G1BVL2N0NTA5000 SW MOD 2GE NO RGAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1187020G2BVL2N0PTA5000 SW MOD 2GE RGAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1187180L1BVL3ABETA5000 32PORT SHDSL EFMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1187181G1BVL3AG9TA5000 SHDSL EFM 24PORTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1187552G1BVL3AHDTA5000 GBE 8-PORT LN MODAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1187561F1BVL3APKTA5000 ACTIVE ETH 24PAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1189608G1COM7V00MX408E, ROHS COMPLIANTAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1189608L1C0M7V00MX408e Pseudowire GatewayAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200482G112004822.5 GBPS MULTIMODE SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200483G112004832.5 GBPS SINGLEMODE SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200484G11200484SFP INTERCONNECT CABLE, V 1MAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200484G31200484SFP INTERCONNECT CABLE, V 3MAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200504E1120050424 PORT SWITCHAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200505L11200505NETVANTA 23" RACKMOUNT BRACKETAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200584L11200584NETVANTA 1224ST PoEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200590E1IPMJ800NETVANTA 1224STR DCAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200633G4SIM5K10NETVANTA 838AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200637G2SIM5800NETVANTA 818 DS1 ENHNCD OAMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1200637G4SIM5700NETVANTA 814 DS1 ENHNCD OAMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202470E1SIPQ0C548VDC POWER SUPPLY, US CORDAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1202471G11202471PWR SUPP 12V 800MA US CORDAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1287704G11287704ONT TA354E SFU/SBU 2P/4GE ACTIAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1442340G114423401310NM SM 40 KM SFPAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1442351G4BVL3AEPSFP CWDM GIGE 1571NM 50KMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1442351G5BVL3AERSFP CWDM GIGE 1591NM 50KMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1442351G8BVL3AHLSFP CWDM GIGE 1611NM 50KMAdtranCall or Online RFQ
15454-E100T15454-E12 pt Ethernet10/100CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-E100T-1215454-E12 PORT XC/XC-VT ETHRCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-GBIC-SX15454-GMODULE ONS 15454CiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-ML1000-215454-MGIGABIT ENET 2 CKT SFPCiscoCall or Online RFQ
15454-MRC-2.5G415454-MOC3/12/48 2.5G MAX 4PORTS IOFCiscoCall or Online RFQ
168-3180-950168-318CN 3180 MULTISERVICE NTECienaCall or Online RFQ
170-0101-901COUPAD3DC POWER SUPPLY 3940/3960CienaCall or Online RFQ
1700460F11700460NV1600 LOCAL PS - AC BULKAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700462F11700462NV1600 LOCAL+POE PS - AC BULKAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700470F11700470NV1600 DUAL STACKING MODULEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700471F11700471NETVANTA 1600 DUAL SFP+ MODULEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700485F1170048510GBASE-SR SFP+ TRANSCEIVERAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700486F1170048610GBASE-LR SFP+ TRANSCEIVERAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700500F11700500NETVANTA .5M STACKING CABLEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700500F21700500NETVANTA 2M STACKING CABLEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700500F51700500NETVANTA 5M STACKING CABLEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700506G11700506NV 1238 WALL MOUNT BRACKETAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700508F11700508NV1500V2 19" DUAL MOUNTNG TRAYAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700515G2#1201700515NV 1335 W/VPN, 120VACAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700525E21700525NETVANTA 1335 POE WITH VPNAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700545G11700545NETVANTA 1544PAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700546G1#1201700546NV 1544F, 120VACAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700570F11700570NETVANTA 1531AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700571F11700571NETVANTA 1531PAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700591G11700591NETVANTA 1534 POEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700594G11700594NETVANTA 1234AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700595G11700595NETVANTA 1234 POEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700598G11700598NETVANTA 1238AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700599G11700599NETVANTA 1238 POEAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1700601G21700601NETVANTA 3120AdtranCall or Online RFQ
1702544G11702544NETVANTA 1544 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1702545G11702545NETVANTA 1544P 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1702590G11702590NETVANTA 1534 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1702591G11702591NETVANTA 1534P 2ND GENAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1702595G10IPMWF00NETVANTA 1535P w/ ActivReachAdtranCall or Online RFQ
1702595G12IPMWG00NetVanta ARE Media ConverterAdtranCall or Online RFQ
170-3960-902170-3963960 8-100/1000M 4-10GCienaCall or Online RFQ

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