M13 Mux ( multiplexers )
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The ADTRAN MX2800 series includes M13 and STS-1 multiplexers that meet the most stringent carrier class requirements. Measuring only one rack unit high in 19-inch or 23-inch rackmount configurations, this compact device gives NSPs and enterprise users a powerful tool for consolidating 28 T1 signals or 21 E1signals into a T3 circuit.

In areas where multiple M13s are needed, the ADTRAN MX2820 High-Density M13 Multiplexer frees up valuable rack space with a high-density chassis. The MX2820 houses up to 18 multiplexer cards to provide nine redundant M13 multiplexers in a 23-inch chassis and two rack units of space. Up to seven redundant M13 multiplexers can be based in a 19-inch chassis. In addition, the MX2820 can provide up to 81 M13s in a 7-foot bay using active cooling (fans and heat baffles) or up to 63 M13s in a 7-foot bay using passive cooling (heat baffles).

The MX2820 MUX cards are capable of combining independent T1s, E1s, or T1s and E1s on the same DS3. Each pair of MUX cards provides built-in 1:1 redundancy on the DS1 and DS3 signals. Advanced diagnostics include CSU loopbacks, NIU loopbacks, C-bit loopbacks, and built-in BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing) capabilities.

Carrier Access CAC WideBank28 M13 Mux solutions can be deployed in conjunction with DCS, SONET ADM, LDS, Frame Relay and ATM platforms. By using DS3 or STS-1 service modules to support the equivalent of 28 DS1 or 21 E1 ports in a single rack unit space, Wide Bank 28 solutions can support up to 672 T1 or 504 E1 connections in one 23-inch rack.

Proven and reliable, the NEC RC-28D Electric or Fiber Optic M13 Multiplexer has been deployed by every RBOC and major Independent. This industry-leading M13 mux provides economical and reliable DS1 access and the RC-28D offers both optical and bipolar high-speed DS3 transmission. Segregated Feeder and Drop Side Switching. Configurable equipment protection. By using optical interface units, the RC-28D Digital Multiplexer can interface with other terminal equipment through optical fiber cable at 45 Mb/s. 

Telco Systems EdgeLink100 M13 Mux is the industry's smallest, most cost-effective DS3 multiplexer available. Deployed at every edge of the network from the core to the CPE Edge, EdgeLink100 accepts up to 28 T1s and delivers an industry standard DS3 in the most compact package

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