Telect is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and service of innovative connectivity products for the data and telecommunications industries. Telect acquired Hendry Telephone Products supplier of telecom equipment racks, cabinets, power systems and other network infrastructure items.

Comstock Telcom specializes in central office and transmission equipment, provider of new, reused and refurbished telecommunication products.

This is only a partial listing of available products. Use SEARCH below for parts not listed here or call for assistance.

PartNo HECI Description Mfg Price & Availability
002-1599-030002-159CABLE 25PR MALE-FEMALETelectCall or Online RFQ
005-0007-1003005-000ALARM DIST PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
005-0007-1012005-000W/W Dist. panelTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0002-1005009-000FUSE PANEL 20 GMT 19 in. TelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0004-1001XCWYACDDL FS PNL 50AMP 19/23 INTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0004-1003XCWYACBDL FP 10/10 POS 15 AMPTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0004-1044009-00020/20 50 AMP FUSE PANLTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0004-1045XCWYACEDUAL FEED 20/20 GMT WHTTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0006-1001009-000FUSE PANEL DUAL FILTEREDTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0012-1005T3MYABZ23IN 20POS 50 AMP FPTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0014-1001XCWYAB2Fuse Panel Traditional 10/10TelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0014-1001SWBXCWYAB410/10 Dual Feed GMT Fuse PanelTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0016-1001XCWYAB9DL FPNL 10POS 30A 23INTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-0112-1002009-01123IN 10 POS-50AMP FPTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-1000-1013009-1006-POS GMT FUSE MOD -48VTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-2004-0001009-200FUSE PANEL 10/10 50ATelectCall or Online RFQ
009-2005-0000009-200F-S 50A 10/10 GMT FUSEPTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-4000-0001009-4006POS GMT FUSE MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
009-6211-2100T3PYAAACKT BRKR PNL 6POS/200ATelectCall or Online RFQ
009-6212-2100XCWYACFDUAL-FEED HIGH CURRENTTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-7000-0104009-700DEMARC CB PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-7001-0104009-7001RU DEMARC FUSE PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8004-0100XCWYACCDL FS PNL 4POS 100AMPTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8004-0104XCWYACHDL FS 4X4 KLM/GMT 100ATelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8004-0105XCWYACG100A DUAL-FEED 5/5 KLMTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8004-0124009-800DL FS 4X4 KLM/GMT 100ATelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8004-0208009-800200A Dual-feed 8/8 KLM/GMTTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8004-1001XCWYACADL FS PNL 4POS 80AMPTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-0404XCWYACNDUAL 4/5 TPA/GMT FUSE PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-0420009-800DUAL 4/20 TPA / GMT PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-0810009-800DUAL 8/10 TPA/GMT FUSE PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-3400009-800TPA FUSE PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-3404009-800Dual 4/4 TPA/GMT Fuse PanelTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-4404009-8004/4 TPA / GMT fuse panelTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8005-4404H009-800QUAD 2/2 TPA/GMT PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
009-8008-1410009-800DUAL 4/10 TPC/GMT FUSE PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0210 1010-00019 IN CHASIS 3/4 MODTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0301T3MYAJWDSX3/4 19IN SHLFTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0301010-0003/4 SHELF 16 SLOTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0310010-000DSX 3/4 19 INTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0401T3MYAGRDSX-3 BB 19IN 18SLTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0501T3MYAGUDSX-3 80/85 19IN 16SLTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0702010-00019 IN CHASSISTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0710010-000DSX-3/4 19IN. CHASTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0801010-000DSX3/4 19IN 24CKT SHLFTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0803T3MYAGVDSX-3 19IN 24SLT UTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-0805T3MYAKTDSX3 CHASSIS 24 MODTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1210010-000DSX3/4 23 IN CHASSISTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1401T3MYAERDSX-3 23 IN CHASSISTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1404T3MYAGXDSX-3 BB 23IN 24SLTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1448T3MYAGYDSX-3 BB 23IN 48SLTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1702T3MYAC1CHASSIS DSX-3 23 in.TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1801T3M2BJ0DSX-3 ULTRA THIN CHASTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-1855T3MYABR9100 SER, RXC CHASSISTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-2401BCST3MYAHDDSX-3 BB 19IN 24SLTSTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-3201BCST3MYAHBDSX-3 BB 23IN 32SLTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-4001010-000DSX-1/1C 4000 SER PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-4012LGCYATXTMIX 84CKT 23IN TIE-DNTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-4016010-000DSX3 CHASSISTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0000-4020T1MMNL0TMIX 36CKT WALL MNTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0128-0001010-01228 CKT 1RU DSX-1TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0128-0101010-01228 CKT DSX-1 PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0128-0115T1MYAXLDSX-1 28CKT FXC PANELTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0128-0127010-012DSX-1 PANEL FXC 1-28TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0132-0101010-013DSX-1 PNL 32-TERM FXCTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0000010-015FRONT CROSS CONN 56POSTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0010010-015DSX-1 FXC PANEL 1-56 CONNTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0601010-015DSX-1 56-CKT FRONT XCTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0607010-015DSX-1 56ckt 19TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0619010-015DSX1 1-56 CONNECTORIZTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0625010-015DSX1 PANEL 1-28 ABTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-0635010-015DSX-1 FXC PANEL 1-56TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-1603T1MYAH5DSX-1 CROSS CONN PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0156-6419010-015DSX-1 PANEL 56 POS FXCTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0164-1603T1MYAH4DSX-1 CROSS CONN PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-0184-0002T1MYAWYDSX1 28ABC CKT CRSCONNTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2156-0103010-215DSX-1/1C CRS CONN PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2156-1003T1MYARZDSX-1 CRS CONN 56CKT RXTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2156-1013T1MYAEXDSX-1/1C CRS CONNTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2164-1003T1MYAR0DSX-1 CRS CONN 64JK RXTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2184-0001T1MYA1XDSX-1/1C CRS CONN PNLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2604-0301010-260DSX-SM 4 CKT MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
010-2604-0305010-260DSX-SM/04 Module w/4 MDLR RJ48TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3201-0401T3PQARADSX-3 BB 4PORT MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3201-0401010-320BCSII 4 PORT DSX MODULTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3201-0407T3PQARBDSX-3 BB 3PORT MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3201-0410010-320BCSII 6 PORT DSX MDLTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3201-0410T3PQARCDSX-3 BB 6PORT MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3501-0401T3CXAAADSX3/4 RE CRS CONN MODTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-3511-0401010-351DSX 3 moduleTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-4004-0000010-400DSX-1 MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
010-4004-0000T1PQ9AUDSX-1/1C 4000 SER MODTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-5008-0020010-500DSX-WMT/08 KEYED RJ48TelectCall or Online RFQ
010-5012-0001T1MYANBDSX-1 12 CKT WALL MNTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-5012-0003010-501DSX-1 TFA PANEL 12-TERMTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-7168-5001010-716INTERCONNECT PNL 56POSTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-8001-0401T3CXABCDSX3/4 8000 SER MODTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-8011-0401T3PQAPUDSX-3 80/85 RXC 6PRTTelectCall or Online RFQ
010-8401-0401T3D1CE0DSX-3 4 PORT MODULETelectCall or Online RFQ
010-8401-0402010-840DSX-3 DNI MODTelectCall or Online RFQ

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